Why Certain Structures Can Be Dangerous

Man-made hazards include piers, dinghy docks, harbour walls, breakwaters, jetties, outflow pipes, sea defences, marinas and pontoons. These structures are generally safe on their own – but in certain conditions and without following safe practices they can cause serious injury or even death.

What Makes Them So Dangerous?

• Where maintenance is critical, most of the hazards caused by man-made structures are unseen.

• Conditions around the structures are changeable – with rips, undertows, large breaking waves and unpredictable wake from passing vessels.

• The water’s depth may change suddenly and without warning.

How To Stay Safe!

• Do not swim around or near man-made structures.

• Never run or climb on structures – and do not jump or dive off them.

• Take great caution when walking on wet or uneven surfaces and look out for sharp objects.

• Remember to follow any safety signs you see.

• If in doubt, ask a Lifeguard or persons responsible for the structure.

Remember! Never Swim or Play Near Man-Made Structures.

If you see someone in trouble, tell a Lifeguard, call the Police or call VISAR immediately. Tel: 999/911/767