Rogues Bay

While at the beach, it’s important you supervise your children at all times. When you first arrive at the beach, arrange a meeting place so everyone knows where to go and wait if you become separated.

If you become separated from your child:

• Try not to panic, children become lost all the time but in most cases they are found safe and well within a few minutes.

• Check the area around you or where you last saw your child. If you cannot find them notify the Lifeguards. If you cannot find a Lifeguard notify the Police, who will conduct a search.

• Give some basic information about your child to the Lifeguards or Police to help speed up the search, including:
       • A description (age, clothing, name etc)
       • Time and place your child was last seen (this helps determine how far they may have gone)
       • Any special needs your child may have

• If you go searching for your child make sure any other children you have with you are supervised and report back to the Lifeguards or police at regular intervals.

• When you locate your child it is important to notify the Lifeguards or Police immediately so they know to stop searching. You may be asked to show proof that you are the parent or guardian of the missing child.


• Supervise Children All The Time
• Arrange A Meeting Place When You First Arrive At The Beach
• The Lifeguards Are Not A Child Minding Service

If your child has gone missing, tell a Lifeguard, call the Police or call VISAR immediately. Tel: 999/911/767