What The Different Flags On The Beach Mean:

Red & Yellow Flags - mark areas of water that are patrolled by Lifeguards. These are the safest places to swim.

Black & White Chequered Flags - mean an area of water that has been marked out for use by craft, for example wind surfing, surf boards or dinghies. For your own safety do not swim in this zoned area.

Red Flags – these indicate danger. Never swim when the Red Flag is flying.

Yellow Flags – these indicate that you should take caution; weak swimmers are discouraged from entering the water. At The Baths, Devils Bay & Spring Bay the Yellow Flag also indicates that Yachts should take caution when using the mooring field.


Purple Flags – indicate a marine life warning, for example Jelly Fish. The purple flag may also be flown with the Yellow or Red Flags.