Beach Safety

The 4 Point Water Safety Code:-

1. Spot The Dangers

• Check out the Beach when you arrive.
• Take care when bathing and swimming.
• Beware of rocks, docks and other people.
• Be aware of dangerous rip currents.

2. Do Not Go Alone

• Swim with a friend, never on your own.
• Make sure there are other people around – you never know when help might be needed.

3. Take Safety Advice

• Swim where there is a lifeguard on patrol and within a zoned area of red/yellow flags.
• Look out for information – warning signs and flags.
• Never swim where a sign says not to, or when a red flag is flying.
• Listen to and take advice from Lifeguards.
• Never swim during the hours of darkness
• Never swim whilst under the influence of Alcohol or any other drugs.

4. Learn How To Help

• If you see someone in difficulty, tell somebody, preferably a Lifeguard if there is one nearby, or telephone 999 or 911.
• Learn Lifesaving and Rescue Skills.