On April 22nd, the Conservation and Fisheries Department will join over one billion people around the world to celebrate Earth Day, a day intended for everyone to appreciate the earth and its environment.

In our region, generally the Virgin Islands and several other Caribbean countries are experiencing drier conditions.  During the dry season, though rainfall occurs, the amount of freshwater available to plants, birds and other wildlife is limited.  This year under the theme:  The Face of Climate Change, the Department’s goal is to help to mobilize our local community into becoming a part of the solution through public awareness.  For this year, we will help the birds to survive during this dry season. 




Taking care of the bird life is essential for encouraging a healthy environment.  Birds are great natural indicators of the environment’s health.  They act as natural pest control for the gardens and they aid in the pollination of our plants among other things.  With all the marvelous things that birds do for us, they in turn need our help surviving through the Territory’s dry season.

The Department is encouraging resident to install bird water feeders and/or bird baths in their yards.  There are many different types of bird water feeders and bird baths that can easily be made from recyclable materials.  One of which includes the use of bottles and containers that can hold fresh water for a period of time.  This feeder can be hung from tree branches or mounted via the aid of recyclable wood.   If there is no danger from cats, you can place larger containers at ground level and use as a bird bath.

Always use fresh water that you drink. Do not use direct tap water as it contains chlorine; set aside for a few days to let the chlorine dissipate before use.  Also regularly empty the container to avoid mosquito breathing.