Prior and Ongoing Projects & Achievements in BVI Fisheries Management and Industry Development


·    Economic Analysis completedGCFI Workshop

·    Fisherman trained (Safety-at-sea, long-lining, chum fishing,
     inclusion of biodegradable panels in fish traps)

·    Fisheries Regulations Prepared

·    Panel Discussion held to celebrate World Food DayEnis Adams School

·    School children educated

·    Fisheries Youth Summit held

·    Fisheries Calendar developed

·    Fisheries research projects implementedChum Fishing Workshop

·    Close collaboration with ICLARM and
     OECS/NRMU continued

·    Site assessments conducted

·    Fisheries concerns incorporated in development Vertical Long Line Fishing Workshop
     planning evaluations

·    Implementation of the VI fishing logbook system

·    Lobster monitoring programme implemented and on-going

·    Conch habitat survey completed for some  areas and on-going