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Forms and Brochures

You will find here, information about the BVI's legislative, policy and management documents, as well as general information documents as you would find in our brochures and Service Charter. A section on general interest BVI maps can also be found here that go beyond the standard tourist-grade maps. Finally, we are generating several forms that will enable us to provide and receive information to and from interested persons. Please be patient as we bring more of these online very soon with greater ability to edit them online.

The following are some downloadable forms.  Once they are filled out please print out and mail/fax to our office:

(for use in requesting information from the GIS Unit ie. maps, aerial photos etc.)

Complaint Form   (1.15 MB)  
(for use in  reporting any illegal activity observed by the public ie.  oilspill, sand mining, illegal fishing activities etc.)

Marine Mammal Sighting Form   (22.91 KB) 
(for use in reporting sightings of any marine mammals ie whale, dolphins, manatees etc.)

Student Projects Research Form  (19.34 KB)
(for the requisition of information on various environmental and fisheries related topics at Primary, Secondary and Tertiary levels)

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