Conservation & Fisheries Department - Oil & Chemical Spills
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The Department of Environment & Fisheries Surveillance & Response Unit typically responds to all oil & chemical spills in the BVI. 


During the time that spill data has been collected, the BVI averaged a total of 9 spills per year with the greatest amount having taken place in 1999.


So far during 2006 we have had a total of ten oil spills.


Particulary, there was a very bad spill at Lloyd's ghut on January 15th which leached straight into Beef Island Channel.

And there was an additional raw sewerage and oil spill around the same time in the Slaney area that affected a very large region of the southern coast.

And the cleanup efforts.



If you are aware of a spill please contact the Department of Environment & Fisheries immediately at 284-494-5681.


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