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The Closed Season schedule in the Virgin Islands is as follows:-
(During this time no person shall catch, sell, offer for sale or buy)

      • Margate  - January 1 to March 31

      • Red Hind - January 1 to March 31

      • Nassau Grouper  - March 1 to May 31
      • Turtles    - April 1 to November 30
      • Lobster   - July 31 to October 31
      • Conch    - August 15 to October 31
      • Whelk    - August 15 to October 31
      This is a conservation measure to ensure the long-term abundance of these important commercial fishery species.


      The Ministry of Natural Resources and Labour is reminding the fishing community that commercial fishermen and pleasure fishermen are required by law to have a fishing      licence which must be renewed annualy.  Anyone found fishing without a licence will be prosecuted.  Fishing licences can be obtained at the Ministry of Natural Resources and      Labour for a fee.

      For further information contact the Conservation and Fisheries Department at 468-3701 at extension 5555/5551 or 494-3429.    


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