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Building Capacity for Sustainability for the British Virgin Islands

Staff members from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Labour, Conservation and Fisheries Department, Green VI , H Lavity Stoutt Community College and other participating local organizations will join Mr. John Purkis and Ms. Karen Miller from the Natural Step (Canada) for a three-day training workshop on Building Capacity for Sustainability for the British Virgin Islands, at the H Lavity Stoutt Community College, from 4th to 6th September, 2012.

Since 2009, sustainability training was in discussion along with the need for the implementation of an Environmental Education Strategy for the British Virgin Islands (BVI).  Targeted to be trained in the Natural Step (Canada) Framework, were various interested government and non-government personnel with some environmental education background.  This framework is a scientific approach which will allow organizations, communities and individuals, to understand what sustainability really is, by providing a common language and guidelines that would help us to determine what directions to take.

Mr. Kelvin Penn, Acting Chief Conservation and Fisheries Officer states “that this training is prudent and that we as individuals must understand the urgency of sustaining our fragile environment and the benefits to its survival.  This training has been discussed for some time and it is satisfying to see that training is finally in progress. The BVI as we know, is becoming more developed and this training helps to mitigate the effective sustainability of our fragile ecosystem on which we depend.” 

With some seventy-one percent of the project already funded by United Nation Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO,) training sessions had already begun since June of this year. This sustainable training intends to build participants to utilize the Natural Step Framework for strategic sustainable development within their own business or organizational context; assist the Conservation and Fisheries Department in drafting a sectoral sustainability policy that identifies the next steps for the sustainability journey of the BVI; and in general, give greater awareness in the BVI of the sustainability imperative.

The Conservation and Fisheries Department takes the pleasure to acknowledge and thank you for your kind donations that helped to make the twenty-third anniversary of Fisherman’s Day successful.  This extravagant celebration was well supported by the general public at Long Bay Beach, Beef Island.

The Contributors names are as follows.

Premier and Minister for Finance Dr. Hon .D Olando Smith OBE

District 8 Representative Hon. Marlon Penn

Territorial – at – Large Representative Hon. Archibald Christian

Otter Box Mr. Curt Richardson of the USA

National Bank of the Virgin Islands Ltd

First Caribbean International Bank

Road Town Wholesale Limited

Harney Westwood & Reigels

Cills Dry Goods & Hardware

Caribbean Basin Enterprises BVI Ltd    

Nibbs Auto Sales & Parts Ltd

Richardson Riggings Services Ltd

Lennox Paton

Moorings yachting Company

Tradewind Yachting Services

Alphonso Gas Station

Ali Marine Ltd

Marine Depot


Fisherman Mr. Eddie Lettsome

Fisherman Mr. Elton Gordon

Fisherman Mr. David Isaac

Fisherman Mr. Gary Smith

Fisherman Mr. Tony Lettsome

Welcome Magazine Ltd

Shanko Trucking Services

AutLand Heavy Equipments

Skelton Quarry

BVI Fishing Complex

Botanic Gas Station


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