Martin Lewis Bitcoin – Has He Invested In Bitcoins?

Martin Lewis is a financial expert and journalist best known for his website. Despite his high profile and influence across the financial business sector, he has staunchly remained independent and refused countless offers to advertise specific brands and products.

 Lewis has even taken it upon himself to deny any involvement with these sites and has taken legal action against social media sites Рmostly Facebook Рwho allow such false adverts to circulate.

So, it is safe to say that Martin Lewis does not endorse any specific Bitcoin trading platform! He has even gone as far as to warn his millions of email subscribers to be wary of any mail they receive purporting to be from him suggesting that they invest in cryptocurrency (–there-s-been-a-spike-in-scam-emails-claiming-to-be-from/).

Such scam referral agents simply look to generate clicks and income by falsely claiming to represent Martin and the trading companies – all of which deny any involvement with these schemes.

Let’s now take a look at the three highest-profile Bitcoin trading systems that have been falsely associated with Martin Lewis.

Has Martin Lewis Invested In Bitcoin Code?

For those new to cryptocurrency trading, Bitcoin Code is a powerful piece of trading software that helps predict changes in the markets for traders to capitalize on.  Purporting a realistic success rate of around 87-88%, this is a useful addition to any crypto traders portfolio that has been proven to help some people make good money. It is not perfect Рand you should never believe anything claiming to be Рbut nobody can reasonably claim that it is a scam. Automated trading does involve a level of risk that can catch out even the most cautious trader, so never trust any site claiming to offer a set dollar or percentage returns. As reliable automated trading bots have entered the cryptocurrency market, it is essential that we need such kind of predicting software. You can learn more about reliable automated bitcoin trading bots before starting the trade.

Thanks to its relative success in a market that is unfortunately populated with many scam ‘services’, plenty of less scrupulous individuals have tried to make money on the back of the Bitcoin Code. A good number of these have falsely advertised the service by using the likes of Martin Lewis to promote it as a safe and trustworthy ‘banker’ investment.

We can say with absolute confidence that these are all false referrals and seeking only to lure more people to click on their scammy advertising links. Do not trust any random social media post or email purporting to be from Martin Lewis promoting the Bitcoin Code.

How To Trade With Bitcoin Code

There are plenty of aspects of this platform that are very positive indeed and it is one of the better performing systems currently available on the market. Quite frankly they do not need some false association with Martin Lewis to promote their business – which we should not need to remind readers does not promise or guarantee that everyone will make thousands of dollars! Should you wish to trade via Bitcoin Code just follow these simple steps:

1) Register your basic details on the Bitcoin Code website.

2) Once your membership is verified navigate around the site and look at the options available.

3) Deposit with Crypto2Forex using one of the many options available (minimum $250).

4) Configure your trading parameters, risk/exposure threshold, and trading pairs. We’d suggest starting low and safe to begin with although many users have found that returns are better with adopting a more aggressive strategy.

5) Set the software to auto-trade. Remember you can change configurations at any time.

Has Martin Lewis Invested In Bitcoin Loophole?

Bitcoin Loophole is an interesting cryptocurrency trading platform that allows users to make huge numbers of small trades that generate small, low risk returns. It is a ‘slow and steady’ way of trading that still carries some degree of inevitable risk. As the software is configured to perform faster than anything else on the market – and we’re talking the smallest fractions of a second – the idea is that users can capitalize on those minute margins. Broadly speaking, Bitcoin Loophole is a reasonable choice for those quite new to crypto trading and not wishing to be drenched in jargon and terminology. Crucially, it includes a demo version of the software that emulates live performance – so you can essentially try it before you deposit real funds.

Even though Bitcoin Loophole has demonstrated its ability to make plenty of people earn money by trading cryptocurrencies, it is still not entirely foolproof, and everyone will encounter some losses. The site claims around an 88% success rate and that is proven true by the demo (scams will be just a procession of huge wins after another – this one also shows failures!). While it is more transparent than other crypto trading robots the fact remains that there is a level of risk involved – and that is why Martin Lewis has never actively promoted it! Do not believe any second party advertising claiming to quote Martin’s appreciation of this platform as they are entirely fake.

How To Trade With Bitcoin Loophole

If Bitcoin Loophole sounds like it may match your trading strategies then follow these simple steps to become a member.

1) Register via the Bitcoin Loophole website and verify your account by email.

2) You will the option of depositing right away or trying out the demo. We advise you to use the demo first and play about with the various settings to find what works for you. Remember this is free and there is no time limit. All simulated trades are performed on live markets, so you’ll see exactly how it performs in real trading.

3) Make your initial deposit ($250 – the industry standard) and configure your limits and stop-gap thresholds. When you are ready to trade just activate the auto-trading feature. Remember you can pause/stop trading at any time and are free to withdraw funds as you see fit.


Martin Lewis does not endorse either of these trading platforms – and you should be wary of clicking any links that claim to be from him or his associates. Unfortunately, one of the downsides of enjoying such a high profile in the personal finance industry is that there is no shortage of people looking to take advantage of this to meet their own ends. Martin Lewis is a trusted name with millions of subscribers – basically speaking the perfect face for any scam – and people have been using this fact to extort his profile. While he does not claim to use or promote either of these platforms, they do have their advantages for those wishing to get started with effective cryptocurrency trading. Neither of these sites is involved in this false advertising.